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This section displays our screening results in the context of biological categories, such as pathways, disease-associated genes, and CORUM protein complexes

Please select first a Category type and then an individual category from the selection menu below.

Svestrup lab categories are categories assembled by the Svejstrup lab. Pathways are gene collections taken from the Reactome and KEGG databases. The menu Human Mutations are groups of disease-associated genes taken from the articles listed in that sub-selection. Disease phenotypes lists groups of genes associated with a particular disease. The Interpro sub-selection lists groups of genes associated with a particular Interpro domain. The CORUM sub-selection lists (biochemical) protein complexes curated in the CORUM database. The sub-selection DNA Damage Literature lists gene selections that have been highlighted by individual articles in the DNA damage literature.

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Category Types:
Svejstrup Lab | Pathways | Human Mutations | Disease Phenotype | Interpro | CORUM | DNA Damage Literature
Show screen data for Category Id Category Name and Description Category Type TC-NER relevance -log10(p-value)
Category members Svejstrup 12 2014 TC-NER Reference Category MOT reference category 12.09

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